The Company at a Glance

Toro is built by Red Hot Labs in San Francisco, California. Founded in March of 2012, Red Hot Labs is a team of former app developers and product managers now focused on arming app developers of today with the tools they always wished they had.

What is Toro?

Toro's mission is to bring best-in-class mobile marketing to everyone. We accomplish this by guiding app companies through the process of setting up and optimizing marketing campaigns. All of our marketing plans run on the Facebook advertising platform.

The Toro Team

Amitt Mahajan | Founder, CEO
Prior to starting Red Hot Labs, Amitt was the cofounder and CTO of MyMiniLife and the lead architect for FarmVille. MyMiniLife was acquired by Zynga in 2009 and Amitt joined Zynga along with the acquisition and later went to develop Zynga's core game engine ExampleVille and served as the CTO of Zynga Japan. Amitt received his B.S. in Computer Science from University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign.
Joel Poloney | Founder
Joel is the co-founder and head of engineering at Red Hot Labs. Prior to starting Red Hot Labs, he was a cofounder of MyMiniLife and tech lead for the hit game FarmVille. Joel helped pioneer shared technology inside Zynga and lead development of a new server architecture aimed at minimizing development time of games. He studied Computer Science at the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign.
Dave Pekar | Founder
After graduating from Stanford University with degrees in Economics and Sociology, Dave founded a Facebook app company called Animal Apps which was acquired by Zynga. Dave served as a key product manager on FarmVille during it's meteoric rise up the charts. Later, he moved up the PM chain to the Central Product Group at Zynga, helping oversee all the product teams across the company.
Daren Makuck | Software Engineer
A recent transplant from the east coast, Daren is a jack of all trades engineer at Red Hot Labs. After earning a double major and master's from Carnegie Mellon University, Daren worked at Electronic Arts at their Mythic Studio in Virginia for a few years before deciding to move to the west coast.
Don Mosites | UX
Don joins the Toro team from Cask, a big data application platform company, where he was the Head of UX and member of the founding team. Prior to Cask he worked as an engineer with Zynga and later as a cofounder and Tech Lead at Zynga Japan. Prior to Zynga, Don was founder and CEO at Streamy, a social news aggregator, shortly after graduating from Carnegie Mellon with an M.S. in Information Systems Management.
Jon Gagnon | Business Development
Prior to Red Hot Labs, Jon was CEO at ReelBig, a startup creating original gambling experiences on mobile. Jon has been in the game industry for over 12 years, starting his career at Microsoft on the original Xbox, and has participated at early stage tech startups since 2009. He holds a degree in Applied Arts of 3D Animation from Digipen Institute of Technology.


Toro is backed by an amazing set of investors, including

Our trusted advisors

  • Cadir Lee, Former CTO of Zynga
  • Shernaz Daver, Marketing Executive
  • Wesley Chan, Former Google Ventures partner