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Toro is the best way to run high performance Facebook campaigns for mobile apps.

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Toro helps you configure finely-tuned campaigns, calculate the Lifetime Value (LTV) of new installs, and make the most of every dollar you spend marketing your app.
Toro makes marketing easy.

Seamless Split Tests

Toro makes it remarkably easy to test hundreds of creative, demographic, and interest combinations. Results are automatically aggregated so you know which segments perform the best.

Built-in Lookalike Targeting

An unprecedented integration with the Facebook Ads API enables Toro to generate custom audiences and lookalike refreshes with zero effort from you.

Automatic Optimization

Toro automatically adjusts your bids and budgets based on campaign performance, resulting in performance gains of 25 to 70 percent!

Beautiful, curated dashboards and reporting.

  • Easy-to-understand dashboards for actionable insights.
  • Track post-install metrics such as Revenue, LTV, and ROI.
  • Dig into data by campaign, creative, and demographic.

Spend Est. Revenue Est. Profit

Automatically A/B test ad creatives.

  • Easily A/B test dozens of creative combinations.
  • Creatives dashboard surfaces the best performing images.
  • Gain insights on which creatives lead to the most installs.

Priced for everyone.

  • Spend up to $1,000/month with no fees or contracts!
  • Spend more at some of the best rates in the business.

No developer required.

  • No SDKs or code changes required! Setup in 10 minutes.
  • Integrates with attribution tracking you already have.

Proven performance.

Toro has been put to work by great companies that have built a wide variety of mobile apps.


Bee Cave

Bee Cave saves 27% per user and saves 90 hours per month.

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miDrive increases installs 11x and lowers cost per install 73%.

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Burner saves 32% per user and selects Toro over 7 other services.

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Toro helped us achieve new business milestones!

Scott T. - CEO, miDrive

Thanks to Toro, growing and monetizing a mobile app has become extremely fast and simple.

Greg C. - Cofounder & CEO, Burner